Well aerated, with fall of natural light are available and when required, the class-rooms are digitally equipped for interaction and knowledge dispersement. The classrooms are provided a dynamic and interactive learning ammos here.


Library is a heart of the college and books available in the Library are the carriers of civilization. It is also true 15at without books, history is silent literature dumb, science crippled, thought the speculation at a standstill.

Books, journals and magazines are available on various subject for the students, faculties and administrative staff.

Computer Center

Fortified with modern computer systems, the computer center features a diverse collection of statistical and analytical software packages relating to project management, business environment simulation and investment decisions. The center bestows our students with uninterrupted internet connectivity, providing access to important learning, coupled with latest developments in the corporate world.

Wireless Fidelity (WIFI)

To add to the convenience of internet connectivity, our Wi-Fi enabled campus grants wireless access the internet.

Seminar Hall

It is said that no educational institute is complete without a state of the art seminar hall. It is an asset to our college, the hall is where we hold our guest lectures, seminars panel discussions and pre-placement talks.

Sports Complex

We have huge sports grounds in which the facility for cricket, volley ball basket ball (proposed) are available. Indoor game like table tennis is also available. We expect our students to study hard and absorb as much as possible. We train our students for kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Chess etc.

Science Laboratories

Well equipped including all required Facilities of chemicals, glassware's equipments, instruments are available, mentioned as under

Chemistry- physical & in organization
Microbiology + Medical Technology

The students are allowed to perform the practical individually not in group under the guidance of concerned professors.

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